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About Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, that is responsible for giving flamingos, shrimp, and salmon their pink colour. It is produced by algae and other aquatic microorganisms to help the algae survive harsh conditions. Normally, these algae are green, but when they’re exposed to high illumination, they’re threatened by free radicals that form by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The algae respond by making Astaxanthin, which is a red antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals. Crustaceans, like shrimp, feed on the algae and store the pigment in their shells which give them their pink colour. Then fish, like salmon, or other animals, like flamingos, eat the crustaceans or algae and store in their skin.


Astaxanthin is known to be the most powerful natural antioxidant in the world. Taking Astaxanthin is important to promote muscle endurance, support normal heart and eye functioning, enhance skin, aid in cognitive functioning, and help combat fatigue.

Benefits of Astaxanthin

  • Immune support

Known for its exceptional antioxidant power, Astaxanthin helps balance and strengthen the immune system, aiding in the defense against outside invaders.

  • Heath health

Cardiovascular health encompasses both the heart and blood vessels that circulate oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues in the body. Astaxanthin aids in combating oxidative stress and supports normal blood flow.

  • Eye health

Astaxanthin promotes capillary circulation, which helps rejuvenate the eyes by bringing in nutrients and oxygen and removing waste.

  • Brain Health

The brain is restricted by a protective membrane. Due to its unique structure, Astaxanthin can cross this barrier and reach the brain where it improves the antioxidant  status of red blood cells. It may enhance blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

  • Mental & Physical Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints heard by physicians from their patients. This means a lack of energy, physical endurance or mental focus often triggered by stress, poor sleep, or inadequate nutrition and exercise. Astaxanthin improves relieving fatigue, enhances clarity and concentration and promotes recovery after completing mental and physical challenges.

  • Muscle Performance and Recovery

By supporting the mitochondria and combatting free radicals, Astaxanthin minimizes muscle damage and improves recovery. Because Astaxanthin helps muscle mitochondria use nutrients in a way that produces energy more efficiently, it reduces the build-up of lactic acid and results in better energy production and better endurance.

  • Bone Health

A major reason for loss of bone strength is the slowing down of bone building. In healthy bones, new bone cells are continuously replacing old ones through a process of bone metabolism. Mature bone cells are reabsorbed, and new bone tissue is formed. When more bone is reabsorbed than is formed, we lose bone mess and density. Astaxanthin suppresses the production of bone re-absorbing cells and restores the balance of bone metabolism.

  • Skin Health

Skin is our largest organ and our first line defence against environmental exposures. Taking Astaxanthin supports healthy skin from the inside out. It helps promote circulation and supply of nutrients to the deepest layer of skin (the hypodermis), protects collagen integrity in the next layer (the dermis), neutralizes free radicals at the surface layer  (the epidermis), and prevents roughness by improving moisture retention at the outermost layer (the stratum corneum).