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CBD and chronic pain

Serious injuries, surgery, disease, and muscular and nervous system ailments can cause pain that is persistent and long-lasting. Opioid drugs are commonly prescribed for people suffering from daily pain, but those medications come with unwelcome side effects, and they can be addicting. CBD has become an appealing alternative for those seeking relief.

Research says: “Clinical and preclinical studies have highlighted the ability of CBD to treat pain conditions. For instance, oral administration of CBD abolished thermal hyperalgesia [in this case abnormally painful sensitivity to cold] in an acute inflammatory pain model. Moreover, oral treatment with CBD has antihyperalgesic effects [relieving abnormal pain sensitivity] in models of neuropathic and inflammatory pain in rats,” state a team of scientists in the journal Pain.

CBD’s potential: TRPV, the technical abbreviation for transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V, is a key link in the nervous system’s communication chain that brings pain sensations to the brain. CBD binds to TRPV1, which suggests it can influence pain perception.

CBD treatment options: CBD users are treating “hot spots” of pain with topical applications of CBD balm or lotion to get quick, direct relief to those places. Oral doses, in many cases two or three times a day, are the typical choice for relief from aches throughout the body.

Related conditions: Post-injury or surgical pain, cancer, neuropathy.

Source: Prevention CBD & You by Nelson Pena & Scott Meyer